Commercial Heating


Cold workers are unhappy workers

Whether you are running an office, workshop, retail unit, or bar or restaurant, having a premises that is adequately heated is essential. Likewise you need to make sure your heating system is reliable, effective, and efficient, so that your overheads and heating costs can be minimised. With our range of quality heating systems and boilers, and talented experienced installers, we offer quality commercial heating installation at competitive rates.

a heat detector showing an installed radiator in a church


A complete range of commercial gas services


  •  Gas Safety Certification
  •  Commercial gas pipework
  •  Churches & Schools


  •  Gas fired appliance installation
  •  Warm air heating






Serving offices and commercial landlords across the South East

We understand the unique heating needs of commercial properties. Whether you have a small office or a large industrial space, we can design and install a heating system that suits your requirements, keeping your employees and customers comfortable.