Warm Air heating works by drawing cold air into the appliance where it is blown across a heat exchanger by an electric fan.  This heated air is then circulated around the property by way of ducts allowing the warmed air to pass into the rooms.  The cooled air is then drawn back to the appliance, via return ducts,  where the process repeats itself.


Warm Air Heating Surrey

Warm air heating systems are a modern heating solution, particularly suited for large properties. Unlike Central Heating, the system works without the use of water, as it is essentially a dry heating method.

The system is comprised of a single heating unit, which delivers heat through a series of vents throughout the property. This results in an economical system that very efficiently and quickly gets warm air circulated throughout the building. The system was particularly popular in buildings constructed in the seventies and eighties, and has widespread usage across other European countries.

Due to the setup of a warm air heating system, it can also be used to perform the opposite and cool a property. Fans can be fitted to the ducts to circulate air throughout all the ducts, and therefore rooms in a property. The core advantage of this is that the same system can be used for both efficient heating and cooling.

We can install, upgrade and repair warm air heating systems in the domestic market. Having undertaken this for many years, we have the skills and knowledge necessary to perform a safe, high quality job